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[G-SHOCK 2023] DW-H5600 — Sports Evolution of the Origin

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

Originated from an unbreakable watch, G-SHOCK’s spirit of challenging the limit will never stop. This time, starting from the “core”, we challenged the field of sports with the evolution of the origin. The classic small cube shape, for the first time, has powerful functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen measurement and Bluetooth connection. “DW-H5600” is equipped with four sports modes to record your high-burning moments.
DW-H5600MB-1 The metal texture shows a sense of strength, the all-black tone reproduces the mysterious nature, and the posture of charging and leaping. DW-H5600MB-2 Retro blue collides with freedom and vitality, and the IP coating of the same color has its own powerful aura, awakening the moment of passion.
The heart of the champion, witnessing the dream, “DW-H5600” helps you to move forward and achieve a passionate start.

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