Casio G-Shock G-B001 — Capsule Style, Carbon and Bluetooth

G-B001MVE-9 — Updated December 2022 color!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

G-B001 Model Range *may be updated

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General Information

Price$290 *average Amazon Price, we may earn commission from purchases
Year of first Release2022
Suitable for Wrist Size145 – 215 mm
Module Number3519 / Manual
Battery TypeCR2016 (G-Shock Batteries)
Other Divisions the GA-B2100 belongs to: *you may find all watches of the division by clicking on the linkG-Shock Digital
G-Shock Bluetooth
G-Shock Carbon Core Guard
G-Shock 2022

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G-Shock G-B001 Display Guide *for key functions only. For you to know how it works))

General Display

  1. Month, day
  2. Hour, minute, second
  3. Day of the week

A button
Holding down this button for at least two seconds in any mode displays the setting screen.
B button
Press to turn on illumination.
C button
Each press cycles between watch modes. In any mode, hold down this button for at least one second to return to the Timekeeping Mode.
D button
Pressing this button while any setting screen is displayed will change the setting.

World Time

Enter the World Time Mode. This displays to the current World Time
City and the current time there.

● Pressing (A) displays the World Time City again.
● To change the selected World Time city, press (D).

Phone Finder

You can use phone finder to trigger a tone on the phone to make it easy to find. The tone is forced to sound even if the phone is in vibrate mode.


The timer counts down from a start time specified by you. A beeper sounds when the end of the countdown is reached.

The countdown start time can be set in 1- second units up to 24 hours.
● If a timer countdown operation is in progress, reset the timer to its current start time before performing this operation.

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G-B001 Usage Patterns *what the watch is usually meant for

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What we like in G-B001 *comments by experts with 10 years experience in writing about Casio watches
— Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth(R)) (for time sync with your phone data)
CASIO WATCH App (you may manage all watch settings through your phone)
Capsule Design (capsule-like back cover and resin enclosure to protect against impact)
Carbon Core Guard Structure (protects the module with a carbon case. Highly durable carbon fiber-reinforced resin is added not only to the center case, but also to the front and side button guards, providing even stronger resistance to shocks from above or below, or from any side)
Detachable band and bezel (easy replacement with special tool included in package)
200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
Super Illuminator (LED light for digital display)

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Official Casio Description.

The DW-001 hit the scene in 1994, featuring the Capsule Tough design concept. Casio now introduces a new evolution of the watch driven by leading-edge technologies, featuring the Carbon Core Guard structure, a metal-clad exterior, and Smartphone Link functionality. On top of all this, the detachable urethane bezel provides a playful touch, offering the choice between two bezels — metal or urethane. A reimagined form of Capsule Tough has arrived, maintaining the design of the original while taking on a fresh new character all its own.

Official G-B001 Specs / Features *for base version G-B001MVA-1

  • Case size (L× W× H): 50.3 × 47 × 18.7 mm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Case / bezel material: Carbon / Stainless steel
  • Case / bezel material: Resin
  • Shock Resistant
  • Carbon Core Guard structure
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • Approx. battery life: 3 years on CR2016
  • Smartphone Link feature
  • Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
  • Auto time adjustment
  • Easy watch setting
  • Approximately 300 world time cities
  • App information
  • Time & place
  • Phone finder
  • Mineral Glass
  • Compatible band size: 145 to 215 mm
  • World time
    38 time zones (38 cities + coordinated universal time), city code display, city name display, daylight saving on/off, auto summer time (DST) switching, Home city/World time city swapping
  • Stopwatch
    1/100-second stopwatch
    Measuring capacity: 00’00”00~59’59”99 (for the first 60 minutes)
    1:00’00~23:59’59 (after 60 minutes)
    Measuring unit: 1/100 second (for the first 60 minutes)
    1 second (after 60 minutes)
    Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
  • Countdown timer
    Measuring unit: 1 second
    Countdown range: 24 hours
    Countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 24 hours (1-second increments, 1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Hourly time signal
  • LED backlight (Super Illuminator) Auto light switch, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow
  • Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • Button operation tone on/off
  • Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (with no mobile link function)
  • 12/24-hour format
  • Date/month display swapping
  • Day display (days of the week selectable in six languages)
  • Regular timekeeping:
  • Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day

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