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[G-SHOCK Review] MTG-B3000BD-1A2 – Beauty in Every Detail

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It’s been a long time since I experienced such intense aesthetic pleasure from a G-SHOCK watch while writing a review. Indeed, you don’t often look at the beauties from MTG’s elite division, where even the smallest detail is imbued with engineering and design attention. Well, here the Japanese are competing not only with their premium products but also with the world’s luxury watchmakers. Let’s review the MTG-B3000BD-1A2 watch in our traditional mag review.

MTG-B3000, like any other MTG watch, goes beyond the traditional G-SHOCK brand watch values.

There is no place for the polymer material, digital displays, and other “simple” components. There is no need to reduce costs, as the manufacturer, on the contrary, needs to justify the rather high cost of his product.

While mechanical brands only need to announce a new crown design [with no changes in the look], CASIO constantly tries to be over the top in both functions and technology [after all, quartz products have their prejudice against the luxury segment]. Let’s take a closer look at all the amazing Japanese achievements in the new MTG-B3000BD-1A2.

MTG-B3000 uses probably the most advanced case structure called DUAL CORE GUARD. The only stronger structure is likely the monocoque, but since it’s not a diver [FROGMAN], DUAL CORE GUARD can definitely take first place in this category.

The new case concept is based on a unique back cover, which is a one-piece piece of intricately shaped stainless steel. The manufacturer gave it high rigidity using integrated moulding to create a single form with raised sides, which serves as the lugs to secure the band and as the guards for crown and buttons.

The case, as you have already understood, is a mix of resin and carbon fiber. The two materials complement each other and result in lightweight housing with even stronger characteristics.

The Japanese also emphasize the expensive metal polishing techniques in the MTG-B3000, particularly the premium Sallaz treatment. What I see in real life is just a solid piece of high-quality assembly, but it’s nice to know that the watch won’t lose its look in a few years [and the luster of some elements looks amazing].

I have just described very technological engineering solutions, which are really significant and impressive [and worth the money]. But let’s be frank – they are hardly visible on your wrist.) Well, who is going to look at the back cover, which is always hidden from your eyes? What is perfectly visible is the case thickness.

And here I have to pay my tribute to the engineers. The module is 1.45 mm thinner than its MTG-B1000 family member and is only 12.1 mm. This is a great achievement for such a watch class.

To be honest, I didn’t expect any “wow” effect from the MTG-B3000. Even more – the official photos didn’t depict their real beauty. They seemed clunky and huge to me when I first saw them. The enormity is indeed there, but only in terms of the case dimensions: 51.9 × 50.9 mm.

The 12.1 mm thickness has done its job – the watch looks elegant on the wrist, does not stick out, fits under a suit [and not only], and the overall size on the contrary attracts attention.

While reviewing the MTG-B3000, I was catching deja vu with the GWG-2000, which also seemed massive to me, but had a completely different look on my wrist.

And now think about it, the GWG-2000 has a 16.1mm thickness and it was very ok to me, and today’s hero – 12.1mm. This, of course, are not 5mm products that the global watch industry can boast, but 12.1mm for such a watch with such functionality and features is surely ONE LOVE.

CASIO boasts reduced dimensions. After all, they had to develop smaller parts and compact the arrangement of electronic components within the board. Let’s not forget about the multiple analog functional dials and MTG-B3000 can already be considered as the artwork and not just someone from “quartz”.

Dial. It took me a long time to figure out whether I was satisfied with the readability. Once I look at the dial – it’s bad, the next time – it’s about very jewel-like and accurate. The hands’ design, dimensions, and accents really leave a mixed feeling.

Whereas the GWG-2000 is designed to “enlarge” what is going on [very large hands and hour markers], the MTG-B3000, on the contrary, is trying to escape the attention [thin hands, no accents on the hour markers, minimalism]. This is a point where everyone decides on his own. I liked this design over time, because it fits the concept of an austere men’s watch very well. I can’t say that the readability is very bad [after all, the watch also has a backlight], but it’s not perfect either.

Being the owner of GWG-3000 [I still think they are one of the most beautiful aviators]], the additional dials functionality did not surprise me at all. Everything is like in the good old times: days of the week, world time, 24-hour format, date window. This is at first sight.) But actually the MTG-B3000 is cooler, because it has an analog TIMER. I personally love the timer and it’s my favorite feature in watches, especially in analog watches. It works as it usually does for analog watches – the second hand rotates counterclockwise thus symbolizing a decrease in the time remaining, and then the alarm notifies. The timer starts by default at 10 minutes [you will be reminded of this by the indication in the additional window at the 6 o’clock position].

You can set the new value using the watch settings options, but it’s much easier by using the CASIO WATCHES app. Since the watch is not “sporty”, the phone pairing is needed more for accuracy [automatic time correction] and for basic settings as they say “for the initial setup”, and then you forget about it. In any case, I’m pleased about this option because even after almost 10 years, I still shiver when I need to adjust the accuracy on my GW-3000 manually [I simply forget all these procedures]. With CASIO WATCHES it happens automatically, and the manual setting is very intuitive via the phone screen. Let’s run through the main points of this pleasant synchronization…

At CASIO they decided to show exactly which series support the application. Odd decision…

Register with the popular social platforms and get your own CASIO ID. There is no way without it, so you have to go through this step.

You instantly see the battery level and that is, in my opinion, a very important detail.

Next, it is necessary to find each other using BLUETOOTH and allow the phone to track your location and do something in the phone)). Oh, these privacy settings… With all these manipulations, your MTG-B3000BD-1A2 will appear on the application screen. Great, let’s go into the heart of the watch…

And below is the whole set of functions that you can influence: Alarms, Timer, World Time, Phone Finder, Status and so on.

Hmm, Status? What the hell is that? The inscription “Your watch is normal” is kind of comforting, but it is still not quite clear. Let’s examine in detail the buttons “Execute Self-Check” and “Status Check History”.

Now I get it, it is something like a watch and all functions check. If everything is normal, all functions work without any abnormalities.

That’s something new. I mean the Eco Charge scale. The amount of energy the solar panel has generated. I wonder what the dynamics will be over time. It’s interesting anyway.

My favorite: controlling each element of the watch display via the app. Do you have any idea how hard it is to do this manually? Thankfully, you don’t have to be afraid of analog watch adjustments anymore.

Configuring the backlight duration and testing the “phone finder” function. Just select the sound that will be emitted by the phone.

Well, this is the traditional world time adjustment. The app is a very handy feature, but, of course, not the most essential.

The band in the MTG-B3000BD-1A2 is interesting with its inner links. But they are not rubberized as it may seem on the photo.

Empty metal links are combined with a layer of composite material, which “does not pinch”, “does not bite”, and is very comfortable on the wrist.


The MTG-B3000BD-1A2 represents not just the G-SHOCK brand, but rather its premium segment. That’s why the watch uses the best materials and technologies: sapphire crystal, new case structure, refined band, phone synchronization, solar power, and much more. I can truly call today’s hero a masterpiece. You won’t find anyone else of higher quality & functions for the price. So, the latest MTG impressed me and made me think about changing the analog favorite watch in the G-SHOCK lineup.

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