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[EDIFICE Review] EFV-C110D-1A3 – Steel Beauty with a 10-Year Battery

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In today’s CASIO watch world, there are several watch categories: with BLUETOOTH, without BLUETOOTH, and with or without a MIP display. In fact, there are many other categories, but BLUETOOTH now makes the models stand out, and this applies even to ordinary analog dials, where, frankly, this technology could be ignored. Let’s review today a very fresh 2022 representative, the EFV-C110D-1A3, which can’t boast BLUETOOTH synchronization, but only benefits from it)).

The EFV-C110 series is a quite usual, traditional men’s watch.

The model feels on your wrist [after all, 166 grams with the watchband], and not only the weight, but also its dimensions [51.3 × 46.9 × 13.7 mm].

It even seems to me that CASIO deliberately decided to make it bigger, because it looks “more respectable“. And, you know, it really makes sense in this steel design: the watch looks much more expensive, reminds expensive elite members, and there is a lot of masculinity here.

Another design element that draws attention is the mirrored bezel with a minute scale.

I was trying to make it rotate with the hope of a mechanical timer working, but no. Who am I kidding, the EFV-C110D-1A3 has a digital timer [in an additional digital dial] and there is no need for such bezel functionality.

It would be more interesting, but here we have only minute markers creating a tachymeter effect. It is a frequent component of analog timepieces emphasizing automobile sports. Let’s not forget, the EFV-C110 is a budget series, which means its task is to “impress”, but also to be reliable and affordable. The mirrored bezel is impressive, and the inscriptions “START/STOP” also hint at the presence of a stopwatch/timer [which is true, only in a digital form].

As you have already noticed, the EFV-C110 has no BLUETOOTH connectivity, but the Japanese don’t see this as a problem and gave the following message in their official introduction: “Relax and concentrate on life. Get a combined analog-digital watch with a 10-year battery and live worry-free forever.”

So here we are with the key advantages: excellent power optimization [in the form of a 10-year “battery”], sporty solid and good-looking design, world time, 3 alarm clocks, timer, stopwatch, and even a built-in memory for phone numbers [Telememo function].

The watch actually has a standard CR2025 battery, and the reason for its 10-year success is, as I wrote above, in consumption optimization, not in any kind of innovation. The watch lacks the most voracious technologies: everyone’s favorite BLUETOOTH, second hand, backlight. Not without disadvantages, but what can you do, you always have to choose when it comes to the price/quality ratio.

We are so “smart”, we know the whole model range, and what watches exist [pros and cons of the second hand, BLUETOOTH, etc.], but when the future owner’s desire consists of the phrase “I want a beautiful and cheap men’s watch for a suit”, all our knowledge is irrelevant)), and the EFV-C110D-1A3 simply has no competitors [or choose among other edifices].

And 10 years durability makes you immediately buy the EFV-C110 without even thinking about any disadvantages.


The EFV-C110D-1A3 surprises with its reliability and impressive look. I would never say it is a watch with a $125 price tag. Despite the Telememo feature, the new release can’t be called innovative – traditional ana-digi. Traditional, but cute, that will just work and please its owner.

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