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[G-SHOCK Review] GA-B001-4A — Futuristic Design and Compact Size

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Wow, those were my initial impressions after taking a closer look at the GA-B001-4A. And that was even though I kind of knew what to expect [I liked the new series since its first appearance], but the watch turned out to be even prettier in real life. Let’s take a look at the eye-catching factors and other model features in our traditional blog review.

The GA-B001 series can certainly be considered a budget G-SHOCK watch in the $150 price range. Yes, $150 is not the cheapest price, but given that the watch includes Bluetooth and the new Carbon Core Guard structure, it is not overpriced [for such high quality].

Before focusing on these technologies, I want to point out that I perceive the GA-B001-4A as just a basic G-SHOCK. It appears to be a standard resin G-SHOCK, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with it at first sight. Although Bluetooth is definitely not a deciding factor in my commitment, I was pleasantly surprised to see it there when I looked at the back cover.

The GA-B001-4A surprises you in many ways. This is an entirely new watch format. It is very compact [42.5 × 46 × 13.8 mm] and lightweight [51 grams]. Note that the model is even smaller in some dimensions than the DW-5600 [which I consider to be the most common size]: 48.9 42.8 16.9 mm, while the GA-100 [55 51.2 16.9 mm] is a giant [in comparison]. So if you don’t like large format, the GA-B001 is certainly your cup of tea.

Apart from its size and weight, the GA-B001 has an excellent design. On the one hand, there’s something very futuristic and aggressive, with bolts, bars, and sharp angles, but on the other hand, there’s a conservative round dial, classic hands, and traditional round [and large] hour markers in the Seiko Diver’s image.

I still wonder how the designers managed to play on such contrasts and still come up with something really sane.

Display readability. This is another point that deserves special attention. As you may know [if you have read my reviews on this site], I am a big fan of good display readability. Thus, the stark contrast between black and red has succeeded in making the hands stand out, and the hour marks are extremely precise (even though they aren’t painted, but still have distinct contours).

Yes, there are questions about the digital inverted display, which by its nature is not designed for perfect readability, but I consider the GA-B001 series to be an ANALOG FIRST creation. After all, the hands are the main focus, and the digital window serves as a useful functional addition.

The only issue with the hands is that they have too long black tails, which can darken the hour hand in certain positions. I could be overly critical, though. The hands, in general, are lovely in their simplicity.

As for the functions. The first thing that caught my eye was the elegant rotating grid that serves the traditional function of switching modes (stopwatch, world time, timer, alarm clock) at the 9 o’clock position.

The pointer itself [a tiny red dot in the upper right corner of the grid] is difficult to make out, but it’s there if you look for it. For this kind of Bluetooth watch, its features are pretty standard. I will give more details in the screenshots in the CASIO WATCHES app.

This watch does not have a battery life indicator like solar-powered timepieces do. Then you see traditional settings.

Setting the timer and alarms.

Choosing the secondary time zone and configuring the sync settings.

Manual hand adjustment. Rotate on the phone to rotate on the watch.

Phone finder function and home time zone change.

Note, it is possible to select the language. And setting the synchronization duration.

Despite its simplicity in materials [conventional mineral glass, resin] and functions, the GA-B001-4A is not simple. Its aesthetic quality is high, and it follows the best examples of horological beauty and design.

The Carbon Core Guard case structure [lighter and stronger thanks to the carbon inserts] certainly adds modernity, as does Bluetooth, but this watch is more about the usual G-SHOCK love.

The band is constructed of standard rigid polyurethane. The hole pattern is similar to that of the G-SQUAD sports line, but not as soft [or stretchy]. Since I have the bright red model, the edges could possibly darken with time. Having used PROTREK, I can assure you there is nothing to be alarmed about; the slight “shabbiness” of your watch only serves to make it more uniquely yours. In case this is baffling to you, I suggest you focus on the darker (albeit less exciting) versions.

The GA-B001-4A’s backlight is superb. Such an advantage for the hands and the instantly readable digital display.

I really like these aggressive screws and curves around the display

The obvious cons are: no solar charging [native battery will last for 2 years], no second hand [this is my quirk as I love this element in analog watches].


Not like the others. A timepiece that attracts attention. A watch that is comfortable to wear and emphasizes your individual style. All of this applies to the GA-B001-4A. I’m trying really hard not to keep it….

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