[G-SHOCK 2023] DW-5600YIB23 x Youths In Balaclava Collaboration

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

From G-SHOCK, the rugged timepiece that has continued to evolve in pursuit of ultimate toughness since 1983, comes a new model created in collaboration with Youths in Balaclava, the alternative fashion collective.

The base model is the standard digital DW-5600, but this time boasting a face dressed in jungle green. Stencilled on are leafy floral motifs backdropping the written names of Casio and Youths in Balaclava.

The brand’s signature motifs, including the floral spine and balaclava symbol, are boldly integrated into the watch’s visual identity, lending a sense of exclusivity to this coveted accessory. Adding to its allure is the exquisite turquoise plating on the dial, reminiscent of a precious stone nestled atop a piece of jewelry.

The choice of turquoise stone is no coincidence – turquoise is renowned for its blessings of good fortune, protection, good health, and longevity. Perfect for the daring and risk-taking Bandit, this stone exudes boldness and fearlessness.

The logo of a donned balaclava adorn the back of the watch along with the full spell-out of the brand. The model is worn in a matte black rubber strap.

Youths In Balaclava
They personify the panic and hysteria of a nation on the brink of a war. They began as teenagers who crossed paths along the walk of life and stumbled upon a shared idea, all bound by driving desires to contribute a verse to the powerful play of life.

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