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[G-SHOCK Review] GW-9400Y-1, the watch that never fails

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CASIO, where is the new RANGEMAN? We are all waiting for the continuation of the most striking combination of reliability and functionality, which exists in a relatively fresh G-SHOCK RANGEMAN lineup. The Japanese will most likely show an improved version of the GPR-B1000 with a MIP display with a new aggressive look, but personally, there are better solutions than the MIP display for a G-SHOCK watch. I want the usual STN LCD but with new features. Dreams, dreams… My favorite choice is not the GPR-B1000 but the more traditional GW-9400. Let’s recall the iconic series based on the new model GW-9400Y-1 in my traditional mag review.

I realize the future stands for MIP displays.

GBD-200-2 with MIP LCD

MIP display means Memory-in-Pixel. This type of display technology uses tiny memory chips to store and display information directly in each pixel. MIP displays are commonly used in small devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable devices. They offer several advantages over other display technologies, including lower power consumption, better visibility in bright sunlight, and lower cost.

GW-9400Y-1 with standard TN LCD display

We can already see the MIP dominance in the sports watch segment. CASIO has long denied this innovation. It seems to me that the Japanese have been too long “sitting” in their conservative tastes and have lost track of this moment, and now they do not keep up with the market and have to cooperate with Polar [in the recent GBD-H2000]. In any case, the management has realized its fault, and it will be relatively easy for the company to enter this market with its vast watchmaking experience.

Well, the future is for MIP, but I also see a future for the G-SHOCK with a traditional TN-LCD display. The LCD watches are alive: indicators move with an enormous speed, milliseconds tracking is possible [and you observe each unit, not just the final result], you can use all kinds of fast blinking scales, graphs, etc. What about hourly signal notification [though they’ll do it in MIP sometime]! You should agree, it’s a solid set of advantages to just forget about LCD.

Apart from the list above, I appreciate the design of the main digits and additional dials — a great combination of readability and appearance. As you have probably already realized, the GW-9400Y-1 has it all.

Yes, the GW-9400Y-1 is exactly that kind of G-SHOCK you don’t want to lose [literally and figuratively]. Today’s hero with yellow accents and traditional digital display is fantastic.

I’ve just dipped into the world of G-SHOCK watches of the ’90s-’00s when no watch was more functional than G-SHOCK. If you do not care for the smartphone functionality, the GW-9400Y-1 is beyond the competition even today.

Design. Yes, the GW-9400 surprises with its aggressive, bold, unique design of the case and its digital windows’ layout. Mixing this watch with other brands, except other shocks, is difficult.

The large case, sizeable round metal buttons with anti-slip grips [the buttons are easy to press even in winter gloves], the side tabs for button protection – all this so harmoniously complements the “transformer” image that I sometimes think I am in an anime series [or a cartoon]. A completely atypical watch type, which is appreciated for.

I want to draw your attention to the GW-9400Y-1 size. The watch is not small [55.2 × 53.5 × 18.2 mm vs. 48.9 × 42.8 × 13.4 mm for the traditional DW-5600], but this size suits them damn well. It’s easy to see who the absolute master of your wrist is here.

I will not be describing each functional mode. Here, everything is quite typical and standard for CASIO digital watches. Just mention the most distinct features that deserve respect: solar power, ABC sensor [altimeter/barometer, digital compass, thermometer], radio-synchronization, and sunset and sunrise times.

The triple sensor made these shocks the so-called RANGEMAN tourist shocks. Let me remind you, the G-SHOCK brand couldn’t boast a triple sensor before the GW-9400 [only the PRO TREK], so the shockproof GW-9400 immediately became a kind of tourist alternative to the PRO TREK.

I’m not interested in functions today. I’m enjoying the dial. It’s beautiful, especially the “digital eye” – that’s what they call the functional round display window at the 9 o’clock position. The display is alive! Checkmate to all second-hand lovers. It turns out that the digital movements can also be alive [sorry, something triggered]

In the current time mode, the cells are filled with seconds [full circle = 1 minute]. In the stopwatch mode, the “eye” is filled with milliseconds. In the timer, you see the remaining timer time, etc. Very cool! I’m addicted to its progress, and what’s most important – this functionality does not load the battery at all. Such an eternal beauty…

The backlighting is beyond any doubt. That’s why we love G-SHOCK watches.


GW-9400Y-1 is the kind of watch that one wishes would always exist. Yes, there is no very advanced technology here [like a pedometer, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor, etc.], but there is soul, calmness, and reliability. And let’s remember the standard features are far from weak. The series impresses with its G-SHOCK beauty, and the data format is simply ONE LOVE. Are we waiting for a new RANGEMAN? Yes, but please don’t touch the GW-9400…

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